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Preparing For Online Retail Shift During Holidays

Preparing for the Online Retail Shift During the Holidays

Whether you’re ready or not, there are Christmas decorations already up in many retail stores, and Black Friday emails will be hitting your inbox before the turkey is cut. Holiday shopping in a COVID-19 world will look different this year, and while there may not be the festivity of waiting in an hour-long line outside your favorite retailer, there probably will be the comfort of shopping from your device in flannel pajamas.

For the consumer, this shift in holiday purchasing may bring more simplicity to the season but for the retailer, now is the time to make sure the infrastructure stabilizing that customer experience is up-to-date and ready for Black Friday crowds.

Regardless of the size of the area reserved for network infrastructure equipment, Vertiv has the necessary cutting-edge equipment to meet the demands of a very busy virtual Holiday shopping season.

UPS Solution

The newly-introduced Vertiv GXT5 UPS is the latest generation of online double-conversion UPS solutions. It is available in either rack or tower configurations, and it’s ideal for both centralized and edge network applications.

With an output power factor of up to 1.0, full-color graphic LCD with gravity-sensing orientation, battery health status, and replacement date prediction, the Vertiv GXT5 is a leader in the UPS technology market.

Vertiv Ups Solution Gxt5

Reliable Power Distribution

The Vertiv Geist rPDU offers reliable power distribution to critical IT equipment while delivering a comprehensive view of input level power usage via remote network access. The rPDU allows users to have data at their fingertips through environmental monitoring capabilities and optional environmental sensors that can be managed in real-time with the VLC mobile app.

Multiple upgrade opportunities make the rPDU ideal for leveraging new technologies and accommodating changing needs within your business.

Vertiv Geist Rpdu

Self-Contained Rack Enclosure

Square footage is at a premium in retail spaces. Fortunately though, the Vertiv MCR Mini Computer Room Enclosure is high on performance and low on footprint.  This compact, yet robust system offers a computer-grade air conditioner at the bottom of the enclosure, with the option of adding an additional air conditioner above, depending on the load size.

The internal enclosure space is large enough for an on-line or line-interactive UPS system, adjustable racks and rack rails allow for maximum flexibility and multiple types of equipment. The MCR is a completely sealed system, protecting the cooling environment and equipment inside.

The MCR is a ready-to-install system that can house all the network infrastructure equipment in a compact and organized offering.

Vertiv Mcr Rack Enclosure

Monitoring and Alert System

Once the hardware is in place for your network, you need the software to manage and protect it. Vertiv Environet Alert was designed to support SMB and enterprise networks, combining ease of use and affordability. It is a solution that provides monitoring, alerting trending, and data capabilities for networks that may not need a large-scale monitoring option.

Vertiv Environet Alert monitoring software ensures continuity of power and cooling for your critical infrastructure. Real-time alert functionality, customizable data views, and streamlined integration with multiple devices and business systems make Environet Alert a plug-and-play platform that supports networks of all types and scales.

Vertiv Environet Display Sample

Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Busy Holiday Season

The upcoming holiday shopping season will most certainly look different than it has in the past; for critical network infrastructure, it will be even busier than before. Vertiv has the solutions to keep every aspect of your network working overtime, without over-working your equipment.

We can help you prepare for the busy retail season and ensure that your equipment is working effectively for you. Contact us today! 

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