ASCO Model 440 Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 440 Surge Protective Device, is non-modular, incorporating the same design platform as the ASCO Model 460 SPD; high-energy capable, thermally protected large block MOVs and a similar assortment of accessories.


  • UL 1449 Fourth Edition Listed
  • 100kA — 300kA per phase ratings
  • All UL required OCP & Safety Coordination included inside— Type 1 SPDs intended for Line or Load Side of Main Disconnect— Type 2 SPDs intended for Load Side of Main Disconnect
  • 20kA Inominal
  • 200kA SCCR 


  • UL 96A Lightning Protection Master Label compliant (@20kA IN)
  • Voltage Specific Design — Highly configurable
  • All MOV suppression elements monitored
  • All Modes of Protection
  • Optional Active Surge Monitor
  • 10 Year Warranty