Acceptance Testing

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Nearly 70 percent of early equipment failures can be traced to design, installation or startup deficiencies. That’s why it’s so important to protect your plant’s investment in new equipment or systems with acceptance testing. This check of electrical power systems and components after startup uncovers and corrects problems that would otherwise lead to larger, costly issues in the future.


  • Pre-functional verification includes inspection to verify proper installation prior to testing and covers the checking of belt tension, oil levels, labels, gauges, and sensors
  • Functional testing is performed in all operational modes to confirm that equipment operates according to the design intent
  • Integrated systems testing verifies integrated functional operation of critical systems under designed load and emergency conditions
  • Comprehensive report includes testing results and any recommendations for infrastructure changes


  • Ensured quality installation supports system reliability and reduces the threat of costly downtime
  • Safer startup occurs as experienced technicians adhere to applicable testing guidelines
  • Maximized operating efficiency is due to thorough acceptance testing that eliminates common installation errors that adversely impact operations
  • Enhanced system integration happens as equipment experts ensure equipment is installed per manufacturer specifications and design intent
  • Accurate baseline data is collected and used for improved asset management

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