ASCO ACG (AccuGuide) Interconnect Assembly

ASCO’s ACG Series (AccuGuide) high-performance interconnect assembly maximizes performance by transmitting transients generated by lighting and switching with minimal voltage drops. Each ACG unit includes our patented coaxial cables with minimized inductance. All systems also produce extremely low impedance, unattainable in conventional interconnects.


  • Coaxial surge suppressor interconnect wire
  • Maximizes performance of connected surge device
  • Reduces clamping voltages
  • Reduces voltage loss
  • 5 year warranty


  • Fits site needs with a variety of standard cable lengths.
  • Suits most voltages and frequencies.
Higher Availability
  • Transmits transients generated by lightning and switching with minimal voltage drops.
  • Improves performance of any surge protection device.
  • Reduces voltage losses that are common when a surge suppression device is installed more than 5 feet from the protected equipment.
  • Features extremely low impedance (2-10), and as a result delivers practically the entire surge to the surge protection device (SPD).
Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
  • Improves surge protection performance and power reliability to protected equipment.
  • Deploys easily.
Ideally Suited For
  • Systems with parallel surge protection devices