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Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager | FeatureInfographics

Delivers the operational control
needed to manage change in complex data centers and interoperates with other process management
tools, ensuring a unified work process that expands the discipline of IT Service
Management (ITSM) into the data center.


  • Complete set of standardized data center applications forinstalling, moving and decommissioning equipment, adding and removing connectionsand cards, changing server namesand IP addresses and requesting symbols.
  • A library of configurable templates simplifies the process ofinitiating requests. Users can also copy existing requests as thestarting point for creating a new request form.
  • Rules-driven workflow automates steps within each application based ondata entered on the request form and roles of the process participants.
  • Automatic escalations notify responsible staff and managers so that team members can maintain service levels. Five levels of escalation can be set toprogressively warn additional team members when a project falls behind.
  • Reservation capability insures that resources are not accidentallydouble-booked, causing cascading power failures, hot spots orinaccurate allocationof space.
  • Access via a user-friendly Web portal combines high-performance, data-driven drawing, database, report writing and power modelingengines with configurable forms, portal configuration tools,administration functions and integration services.
  • Audit trail provides a record of all equipment changes in the data center tomeet requirements for internal governance and external compliance.


  • Proven process managementused in some of the world’slargest data centers wherehundreds of users managemillions of square feet.
  • Installation, movingand decommissioningapplications codify processand system controls forpredictable service.
  • Integration with ApertureConfiguration Managerenables reduction of risksassociated with changes.
  • Web-based portal providesglobal access to all datacenter users.

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