ASCO 5350 Eight Channel Remote Annunciator

The ASCO 5350 Remote Annunciator (RA) is a stand-alone, industrial grade interface device providing transfer switch status indication and transfer/retransfer control for up to eight transfer switches. Ethernet technology is incorporated for fast, reliable communication.


  • Monitor transfer switches distributed throughout a site at a central hub or multiple locations
  • Perform remote transfer test operations with the push of a button
  • Use additional annunciators for real-time redundancy in various locations


  • Multiple remote annunciators can be daisy chained using integrated autosensing Ethernet ports for scalability
  • Modbus protocol support and ability to interface with various ASCO controllers provides flexibility for integration to existing systems
  • Power supply and Ethernet connectivity is built right into the 5350 Remote Annunciator providing an all-in-one solution