ASCO 7000 SERIES Medium Voltage Transfer Switch

ASCO protects medium voltage loads by offering maintainable and highly proven power transfer switches. The switches can be configured with protective relays and other options to meet specific project requirements.


  • Draw-Out and Shuttered Vacuum Circuit Breakers with Optional Protective Relaying:–One (1) Normal SourceVCB for Transfer Switch–One (1) EmergencySource VCB for Transfer Switch
  • Epoxy insulated copper bus
  • Protective barriers per ANSI C37.20.2 and UL 1008A to isolate major components
  • Fully integrated multi-section metal clad assembly


  • All ASCO 7000 SERIES Medium Voltage Transfer Switches utilize industry leading breaker technology and are approved withinternal arc classification IAC A FLR, loss of service continuity category LSC 2B and partition class PM. This makes them suitable foruniversal installation, meeting the highest requirements regarding personal safety.
  • The 7000 SERIES Medium Voltage Transfer Switch is engineered to safely provide continuous power in the widest range of emergencyand standby power applications including industrial, commercial and business-critical facilities as well as health care campuses.