ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Control System For Medium Voltage Applications

ASCO Medium Power SYNCHROPOWER® is a completely packaged control system for starting, synchronizing and paralleling power sources having two or more engine generator sources.


  • 115-600V, 3-phase, 4-wire, 100% neutral, 25% copper ground bus, 50/60 Hz, AC system.
  • UL certifications WUTZ for switchgear and WEVZ for switchboard.
  • 17”, 24”, 42” and redundant 24” color touch screen choices.
  • Touch screen and hard-wiredmanual paralleling provisions.
  • Load control for up to 128 power transfer switches/circuit breakers.


  • Dynamic bus load optimization and generator load demand controls.
  • No traditional (external) load share components are required.
  • Serial modbus RTU ( Master/slave RS485/RS232 ports or Ethernet communication capability with power transfer switches and SCADA system).
  • Event log and historical datetrending.