ASCO 920 Lighting Contactors

Easy to use and quick to install, ASCO 920 Lighting Contactors for Feeder Circuits feature all-position mounting, no derating for high inrush loads and a reliable single-solenoid operator. They can be used with energy management systems which automatically control lighting and power circuits.


  • UL listed. CSA Approved.
  • Meets UL 67 requirements withshort-circuit rating (WithstandCurrent Rating) of 22,000 Amps rms symmetrical at 480 volts for use with molded case circuit breakers; 100,000 Amps rms symmetrical at 600 volts for use with current-limitingfuses.
  • Interrupts 300% of rated current at 480 volts, 0.4 to 0.5 power factor.


  • Can be used with metal halide,mercury vapor, quartz halogen,tungsten and fluorescent lighting.
  • No derating when used on high inrush loads such as cold tungsten lamps.
  • Wide arc gaps and arc splittersto quickly extinguish arcs. Isolated arcing chambers are widely spaced and symmetrically located.

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