ASCO PowerQuest 5700

Whether it is just a generator or transfer switch, a single facility or multiple locations: PowerQuest, the Critical Power Management System (CPMS) gives you the visibility and insight needed to achieve you goals.​


  • Understand power system and equipment status throughout the facility
  • Quickly identify and resolve alarms to reduce downtime risk and increase reliability
  • Monitor KW capacity and demand at any point in the distribution toeffectively manage capital investments
  • Ensure power quality compliance to increase capital life of business critical equipment and devices
  • Leverage existing network infrastructure and add existing legacy equipment


  • Analyze comprehensive forensics power quality and sequence of events in millisecond granularity​
  • Identify utility energy usage and demand billing discrepancies
  • Reduce or eliminate power factor and demand penalties
  • Monitor, Benchmark and Increase energy efficiency
  • Allocate energy cost to departments or processes

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