Avocent ACS 6048DAC Serial Console

The ACS 6000 console servers are Avocent’s next generation console manager. They provide secure, remote access to IT devices and UNIX / LINUX-based servers.​​


  • Secure In-Band and Out-of-Band Network – For dependable remote management
  • Easy Configuration and Installation – Auto-discovery tool
  • No Adaptors Needed – For ACS console server and Cisco pin-out conversions
  • Compliance with Data Center Access and Security Policies – Customizable, multiple access levels
  • Integrated Power Management – Support for Avocent® PM-series Rack Power Distribution Units (Rack PDUs), Emerson Network Power MPH2™ Rack PDUs and third-party rack PDUs
  • Industry-Leading Enhanced Security Framework – Support security policies using preset and custom security profiles
  • Centralized Power Management – Enables monitoring and measurement of energy consumption and simplifies power and cooling capacity planning
  • Centralized Administration for Access and Control – Using DSView® 3 management software
  • Compatible with Next-Generation Network Standards – Including IPv6
  • Strong Dial Up and Secure Dial Back – Using optional built-in modem and USB modem (v.92) or 4G options
  • Access to Remote and Unreachable Locations – Using USB modem (v.92) or 4G options
  • Automatic Event Tracking – Plus notification of fault conditions
  • Regulatory Compliance and Easy Troubleshooting – Online and offline data logging with time stamps
  • Government agency security via FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptography – The FIPS mode of operation uses an embedded FIPS 140-2 certified OpenSSL cryptographic module (Certificate #1051)


  • Superior security
  • Authentication
  • Easy connection and configuration
  • Centralized management using Avocent DSView™ management software
  • High availability and accessibility
  • Extremely flexible scripting capabilities that enable customization and standardization of critical tasks
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Compatible with next-generation network standards