Circuit Breaker Upgrades and Replacements

Circuit Breaker Upgrades and Replacements | FamilyImage
Circuit Breaker Upgrades and Replacements | FeatureInfographics

Circuit breakers play a critical role in protecting the people and equipment in your data center, and are integral in limiting the damage should a fault occur. But like all electrical components, circuit breakers can wear out and require an upgrade or replacement. By replacing your aging circuit breakers, you will lower your maintenance requirements and reduce the safety risk to your personnel.


  • New solid-state or microprocessor based trip units to enable digital communication, adjustable settings, and enhanced protection capabilities
  • Arc flash mitigation technology including remote operation, maintenance switches and arc flash reduction maintenance systems
  • Energy management capabilities to improve efficiency
  • Vacuum and SF6 technology delivering improved reliability and decreased maintenance intervals
  • Eliminate large, heavy arc chutes and hot ionized gases improving overall safety, interrupting rating times and momentary and continuous current ratings


  • Enhanced electrical system reliability occurs as proper circuit breaker operation is verified with testing
  • Reduced maintenance or operating costs is possible as newer equipment with advanced technology streamlines maintenance and allows for more efficient operation
  • Increased level of safety happens through ensured functionality and arc flash mitigation
  • Extended life of equipment occurs as circuit breakers are properly maintained and work to limit equipment damage during a fault

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