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In a typical data center, cooling accounts for 38 percent of total energy consumption. Improvements to your cooling system are an opportunity for significant cost savings. Liebert iCOM control upgrade service enables more efficient variable capacity control. The intelligent control capabilities immediately enable energy and cost savings.


  • Expert consultation gives you a complete overview of the upgrade process based on your cooling performance goals and priorities
  • Installation and configuration by factory-trained technicians ensures controls work properly to maximize your return on investment
  • Intelligent controls allow you to recover energy that would be wasted due to unit “fighting,” improving efficiency by 28 to 40 percent
  • Networking and integration allows units to work together as a single system to optimize room environments and drive data center infrastructure performance


  • Enhanced control for better thermal management is due to the advanced functionality of the Liebert iCOM control
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced operating costs are achieved with proper settings that eliminate unit fighting and other inefficiencies
  • Improved capacity control is possible due to variable cooling capabilities that improve efficiency
  • Extended equipment life occurs as controls allow you to better match cooling with load demands reducing the wear and tear of continuous operation
  • Enhanced system availability and optimized data center performance occurs with proper installation, configuration and integration 

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