Liebert XDH, 22-30kW​​

In-the-row cooling module placed directly in line with the rack enclosures, and requires very little floorspace. Air from the hot aisle is drawn in through the rear of the unit, cooled, and then discharged horizontally through the front of the unit into the cold aisle.


  • High heat density cooling module
  • Cools more than 30 kW per rack
  • Installs in line with racks​
  • Uses pumped refrigerant technology
  • Includes coil, controls, fans and piping for a complete, packaged unit 


  • Operates with high energy efficiency
  • Requires very little floor space
  • Highly scalable without interruption to cooling operations
  • Ensures increased uptime with Dual (A and B) detachable power cordsProvides two pumped refrigerant circuits
  • Offers superior cooling cost per high heat density rack
  • Operates with high energy efficiency