Partial Discharge Testing for Switchgear

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Partial discharge (PD) testing provides critical information about the quality of switchgear and its impact on your critical facility. Your medium-voltage switchgear is vulnerable to PD if it has voids, gaps, or other defects. PD can also occur on the surface of insulators. Left unchecked, these small electrical sparks erode insulation and lead to unplanned outages. PD testing for switchgear helps you prioritize maintenance resources and take action before this failure occurs.


  • Pre-screen and report identifies and prioritizes equipment for PD testing, and documents these recommendations ensuring focus on the right assets
  • Noninvasive PD sensors are used to conduct periodic PD measurements and increase the reliability of PD detection
  • Innovative technology enables our test engineers to identify the presence and location of PD within your switchgear
  • Online PD testing provides a nondestructive, inexpensive testing option that can be performed while your equipment is energized at normal operating voltages
  • Permanently mounted sensors installed in hard-to-access equipment and areas that pose a safety concern facilitate safer, more efficient PD detection
  • Short-term continuous monitoring allows switchgear to be continuously monitored under load ranging from one hour up to three months
  • Permanent continuous online monitoring delivers continuous and accurate information on the condition of the most critical assets in your system
  • Ultrasonics increase the reliability of PD detection when used with other testing technologies
  • Offline PD testing can be used to commission new gear or to complete testing when de-energization is preferred


  • Improved system reliability occurs when failure-causing PD is remedied
  • Optimized maintenance and capital expenditures are possible as PD testing helps prioritize equipment requiring maintenance, repair or replacement
  • Fewer unplanned outages and system downtime results from early identification of PD
  • Improved risk management happens when PD is regularly monitored and addressed prior to probable failure

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