Spare Parts and Spare Parts Management

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Unplanned downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars a minute and have serious consequences including loss of critical systems, revenue, and customer confidence. An important aspect of ensuring the highest level of availability for your data center is having the right spare parts available when and where you need them.


  • Version and revision management ensures on-site replacement parts are ready for use when you need them
  • Parts inventory verification and validation uses barcode technology to verify accuracy of parts inventory against bill of materials
  • Spare parts kit management is provided for customer-owned inventories
  • New parts recommendations are made based on equipment needs and criticality
  • Coordination of sourcing and logistics gives you time to focus on more critical business needs


  • Decreased MTTR results from having critical spare parts on site and ready to go
  • Minimal unplanned downtime occurs as repairs are completed quickly and efficiently
  • Improved parts compatibility results from maintaining spare parts at the latest revision levels
  • Reduced expedited shipping costs are due to having the parts you need already on site

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