Trellis™ Platform Data Center Monitoring Solution

The Trellis™ Data Center Monitoring Solution provides software, hardware, and services for monitoring in a comple​te package. This solution may also be integrated with other Trellis™ modules to create a full-featured data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution.


  • Monitor critical power and thermal infrastructure
  • Manage rack PDUs
  • Maintain breaker panel schedule
  • Improve Alarm/Notification management
  • Manage capacity, efficiency, and performance with real-time data
  • Monitor and calculate energy usage for financial analysis
  • Manage cooling and power chain
  • Monitor environmental sensors
  • See colorization from sensors and power conditions


  • With the Trellis Data Center Monitoring Solution, you are able to: Achieve quicker response time to issues that threaten business operations
  • Improve uptime performance Improve performance by establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for the data center
  • Improve compliance Increase efficiency through elimination of manual data entry
  • Save time via the use of historical data for future planning
  • Reduce time spent generating reports