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Adopt a proactive battery and UPS component replacement plan. Based on our experience and extensive industry data, we know that the actual life of your DC power system is almost always shorter than the design life. Replacement and upgrade services center on assessing
your system components’ condition and replacing batteries and UPS equipment before they fail, ensuring your system will always deliver.


  • New battery installation by Vertiv’s industry experts is completed using fresh battery inventory with the newest date codes
  • Spent battery recycling is done in accordance with all government and industry regulations and includes management of paperwork needed for environmental compliance
  • UPS restart ensures alarm-free operation following battery replacement


  • Improved system reliability happens when the power chain is supported by healthy batteries
  • Reduced risk of system failure and unplanned downtime occurs when degraded batteries that adversely affect the life of the string are proactively replaced
  • Uninterrupted, clean power is ensured when the life-limited components of the UPS are regularly inspected and restore to the original equipment manufacturer specifications
  • Fewer emergency repairs are needed when batteries and UPS components are replaced before a costly failure
  • Ensured environmental compliance is due to the removal and recycling of spent batteries by our asset experts

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