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3 Strategies to Simplify Edge Data Center Growth

As content delivery and data collection moves closer to the users and devices, network edge locations are expanding in number and capacity. These distributed IT sites form a critical link between centralized data centers and remote users.

But because of the sheer number of sites, deploying and supporting the edge is a challenge for business continuity.

The edge has more features, performs more functions, and is required to do more intelligent jobs than other layers of the complex IT landscape. Choosing the correct edge devices and just as importantly the correct partner is critical to the performance and supporting the uptime of your equipment.

Here are three key strategies to simplify edge data center growth and make your business more productive:

1. Full Lifecycle Support – Selection, Installation, Service, Maintenance

As a Vertiv Local Business Partner, we offer unparalleled infrastructure expertise and competitive edge solutions.

We can assess your edge data center needs, configure the best solution, and provide installation, maintenance and service support. With lifecycle services, get a peace of mind knowing you always have access to the systems you need without burdening in-house resources.

2. The Power of Factory Integration

Vertiv’s full range of infrastructure technologies help protect edge and remote locations. From racks and enclosures, to power protection and distribution, to cooling and thermal management solutions, our compact and reliable small-space infrastructure delivers the reliability to grow your network.

But imagine the improvements in deployment, operation, and control when all of these systems are designed to work together to support IT, rather than purchased as individual products that are integrated on site. Pre-built, factory integrated systems can be a better approach. They give you the flexibility of a customizable, scalable solution with the convenience of an off-the-shelf product.

3. Gain Remote Visibility and Access for Your Edge Network

One of the biggest challenges of managing multiple distributed IT sites is the lack of visibility. With Vertiv’s range of monitoring, management and access technologies, edge data centers never have to be out of sight – or out of control.

Visibility and access solutions include an IoT mobile app to monitor environmental conditions and troubleshoot cooling issues, communication cards, that allow remote monitoring and shutdown, console and switching systems that enable remote access and management, and remote monitoring services that provide real-time and actionable insights to your edge network.

edge data center deployment

Need Help Deploying Your Edge Data Center?

Finding the right partner to help you design and implement your edge of network solutions can diminish stress and eliminate having to choose between dependable service and frustrating downtime.

As your Vertiv Local Business Partner, we’ll help develop a strategy to implement effective data maintenance and management solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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