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Why You Need Flexible Design In Your Rack Cooling System

Why You Need Flexible Design in Your Rack Cooling System

Server rooms and network closets are getting smaller as companies continue to experience growth at the edge and seek to maximize every square inch of space. With critical IT equipment housed in increasingly compact footprints, cooling has become a growing challenge.

Rack-based cooling is a favorable cooling solution as it is the most flexible option and is easy to plan for any power density.


The need for flexible and scalable rack cooling solutions has never been greater. As technology continues to evolve, your data center must be agile enough to grow with new technological developments. In order to meet future demands, it’s necessary to design a flexible deployment that you can easily add to, in order to reconfigure the enclosure to accept many equipment sizes as products evolve.

Cost Efficiency

Save money over time by preparing for growth. Allowing your rack cooling system to add elements to it for new technology means less cost for each upgrade. While rack-based cooling’s initial cost is slightly higher than other cooling solutions, its scalability allows for a more economical cost over time.


Standardized components of a rack cooling system make it easier to perform routine service procedures. These components also make it easier to navigate through the interface and are able to provide predictive failure analysis.

Rack-Based Cooling Solutions

Vertiv VRC Self-Contained Rack Cooling System

The Vertiv VRC self-contained IT rack cooling system makes it easy and affordable to achieve reliable, efficient cooling for critical equipment in small server rooms, network closets, and edge computing spaces. The Vertiv VRC self-contained rack cooling system’s energy-efficient features and scalable capacity make it a good choice for protecting your IT equipment.

Vertiv VRC Split Rack

The Vertiv VRC split rack cooling system brings flexibility and efficiency to small-space cooling. It is ideal for protecting critical IT equipment in server rooms, network closets, and edge computing space-saving design. The system includes an outdoor unit that rejects heat into the ambient air, allowing it to operate efficiently regardless of building architecture. The energy-efficient features and scalability capabilities of the Vertiv VRC system solve a variety of cooling issues even in your most challenging small spaces.

Get the Most Out of Your Cooling System

Not sure what your server room cooling-system requirements are? Contact our product experts today to get more information on how to effectively and efficiently cool your IT equipment.

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